The transition to parenthood essay

We are aware of no qualitative study that has asked women and their partners both antenatally, for their prospective views, and postnatally, for their retrospective views, about their educational and care needs in relation to the transition to parenthood.

Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. It is problematic to ask parents postnatally about the information they would have liked in the antenatal period because of the influence of their experience of early parenthood.

Secondly, further research is needed to explore the role of fathers in antenatal education.

On the assumption that there would be some who would not be available for interview postnatally, we continued to recruit women with a stable partner until more than 20 women had been recruited. The partners varied in age from 19 to 37 years old with a mean age of Methods Purposive sampling was used to recruit 24 nulliparous women with a range of ages from two healthcare organisations in South-West England, 20 of whom had partners.

November 30, photo by Sahil Merchant "Tell me about the joys of being a new parent," I prompted my niece, whose little baby is five months old. The community midwives gave a study information sheet to each eligible woman when they were around 28 weeks gestation and they were asked to discuss it with their partner, if relevant and if he was not present at the time.

The views of the parents included in this study, who are predominantly British-born, may differ from those in black and minority ethnic groups due to differing practical and cultural needs.

These themes will be discussed below, following the transitional process from pregnancy to parenthood, rather than the order of importance. Comments related to the importance of continuity of care, both from the midwife and health visitor, especially because this was often not achieved.

Women report massive changes to life-styles and routines, easy adaptation is not usual, is uniformly problematic and is not bound by any time-frame [ 56 ]. Funding to develop an educational DVD and evaluate its impact is currently being sought. You know, meet a couple of people.

Perceptions of early relationships during the transition to motherhood: Information about the project was also given to health visitor managers and permission granted to contact individual health visitors with study families on their caseloads.

Becoming a mother — an analysis of women's experience of early motherhood. The First-Time Fathers Study: Antenatally, parents watched television programmes relating to pregnancy and birth, and accessed the internet.

And I was quite happy to be co-sleeping with Winter, but I was made to feel guilty about this on many occasions. We sort of sat down and we tried about two or three different ways and thought about it. Parents had been unaware of, and surprised at, the changes in the relationship with their partners.

The transition to fatherhood: I felt punished for working Even though changes in couples' relationships post-birth have been well-documented [ 2526 ] most parents were unprepared for and shocked by the stress placed on, and the decline in, their relationships.

I was sort of trying to push for information and I was finding it hard to get In fact, according to researchers Laura Glynn and Curt Sandman, the volume of gray matter or number of neural cell bodies increases in the above regions in new mothers and is associated with their positive feelings toward their infants.

Transition to being the mother of a new infant in the first 3 months: How much 'looking after' of the babies did they do. This is in spite of many studies and policy documents highlighting the importance of these issues.

For example, parents noticed that the father often played more with their babies, especially on return from work but that the mother was often able to calm their baby more easily when upset.

transition to parenthood

Like many contemporary mothers, Kelly experiences the challenges as coming from both sides: They thought that if one was available, late pregnancy would be a good time to watch it when they would have time to do so.

They offered their support and welcomed suggestions as to how services for women and their partners could be improved.

transition to parenthood

The Transition to Parenthood: When I do get that hug, I need it more than ever before. On discharge, in line with postnatal guidelines [ 41 ], parents are given contact details for their community midwives.

Both parents In what way.

There were also two women who were unemployed and one who was a student. Texto and Contexto Enfermagem. During both sets of interviews, the practical aspects of caring for their baby in a frank and touching manner were raised as real concerns, especially by the men.

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Transition to parenthood: the needs of parents in pregnancy and early parenthood

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. In Marie Winn's Essay "Television: The Plug In Drug," she states, "Television's contribution to. The Transition to Parenthood Section 1: The case study Today, in western industrialized nations, the decision whether or not to have children is, as Berk ().

The Transition to Parenthood - The Transition to Parenthood Section 1: The case study Today, in western industrialized nations, the decision whether or not to have children is, as Berk () describes it a “.matter of individual choice” (p).

Jul 29,  · The importance of the transition to parenthood on a mother's view of parenting, her parenting skills, her self-esteem and her relationship with her partner are well documented [4,15,25,26] and has been recognised at a policy level in England and Wales [].

The transition to parenthood is profound, as many parents already know. Developmental scientists consider it to be one of the most massive reorganizations in the lifespan, changing the brains, endocrine systems, behaviors, identities, relationships, and more, of everyone involved.

Transition to parenthood: the needs of parents in pregnancy and early parenthood

University of Westminster Westminster Business School Module code and title: BKEY Professional Competences Formative Essay on Student Transition to University The transition to university can be considered life-changing (Cottrell, p.9) and it is a fundamental step for every student.

The transition to parenthood essay
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