The problems of the internet crime and the necessity for computer related laws

The unprecedented scale of the problem threatens the ability of the authorities to respond — with according to one estimate more thanviruses and other types of malicious code in global circulation, andcomputers compromised per day.

Finally cyber crime and its effects are more concerning issue in present days, so we must concern about this issue and protect other who committed cybercrime by increasing awareness about the bad impact of cyber crime among the youths.

The problems of the internet crime and the necessity for computer related laws

The National Stolen Property Act prohibits certain described activities involving the illegal transportation of stolen property 18 U. Thus, the perpetrator of a computer crime can affect the computers of another country without leaving home.

In most countries[ citation needed ] Internet Service Providers are required, by law, to keep their logfiles for a predetermined amount of time.

The statute includes both felony and misdemeanor provisions with different penalties depending on the specific conduct. Youth means the age groups are belongs to years Computer crime, or cybercrime, refers to any crime that involves a computer and a network.

March See also: The availability and dissemination of pornography is exacerbated by technology. Browse online pornography in uncertain mind and feeling after getting pornography on online.

This disadvantage is caused to a large extent by a lack of formalized training. It is clear that a great deal of additional work is needed before organizations and individuals can be confident that cyber criminals will think twice before attacking valued systems and information.

International Telecommunications Union secretary general Hamadoun Toure recently proposed the agreement of an international cyber peace treaty whereby signatories would agree that their infrastructure would not be used, or allow it to be used, for cyber attacks.

As computers and the internet continue to change and proliferate, legislatures regularly introduce new criminal laws which apply to internet and computer use. The private sector has been included in many of the agency efforts to curtail computer crime.

Internet Law: The Regulation of Internet Crime

The author states in the preface that the book is intended as an introduction to the topic of crimes that occur in the Internet. Some methods to overcome these constraints include soliciting the assistance of a police agency that is local to the holder of the records or assistance from a federal agency--neither of which is always effective.

Where the subject of the fraud is a financial institution, the fines can reach seven figures. Therefore, it is imperative that law enforcement develops and maintains strong working relationships with its private sector counterparts in order to cooperatively investigate crimes of mutual interest.

For this reason, Purposive sampling that is a process where sampling a sample based on prior experiences with the population of interest.

Computer crime: Wikis

Intelligence[ edit ] As cybercrime has proliferated, a professional ecosystem has evolved to support individuals and groups seeking to profit from cybercriminal activities. What is your academic year. In some instances the government agency may have developed a particular group focused on computer activity.

This study shows that highest amount of crime were committed or related or faced by the age group of in the society. On the other hand, a terrorist may seek access to this same site for the purpose of compromising material at this location.

There are no requirements that Internet Service Providers maintain information that is standardized. The type of harassment isn't the crux but the mode of harassment-sending harassing messages via email.

Faced or conducted to any virus and warms attack or spam or unnecessary massages and their types. Theft, fraud, vandalism, trespass, harassment, child pornography, and copyright infringement are problems that predate the Internet. Privacy issues Computers present new considerations for both substantive criminal law and criminal procedure.

To address the unique nature of the Internet, federal and state legislatures have supplemented existing criminal laws with new statutes. An example of a joint effort between the government and business is seen in the Cybercitizen Partnership, an alliance between high-tech industry and the government.

Cyber-Crime: Law Enforcement Must Keep Pace With Tech-Savvy Criminals

Prevention is undoubtedly, better then cure. In some instances, computers serve in a dual capacity, as both the tool and target of criminal conduct. Cyber peace There is no Geneva Convention for the internet.

Suggestion to criminal justice system to prevent cybercrime. As computers become more common in businesses and households, it is inevitable that the information or evidence an investigator seeks will be stored in those computers or will involve use of the Internet.

Banks and law enforcers need to co-ordinate better, and reporting of crimes by individuals affected needs to be simpler and better policed. Cybercrime is one kind of criminal activities created by the people. Computer crimes do not always correlate with traditional descriptions of illegality.

How well are co-ordinated attacks spotted. The most serious crimes, such as possessing child pornography, can result in a prison sentence of 20 years or more. Computer crime has been defined as „any illegal act fostered or facilitated by a computer, whether the computer is an object of a crime, an instrument used to commit a crime, or a repository of evidence related to a crime‟ (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, ).

MAJOR CONCERNS ABOUT COMPUTER CRIME Definition of computer crime Computer crime or Cyber Crime as it is also called is the use of computers and the internet to violate criminal laws requiring the knowledge of computer technology for its perpetration.

Fast forward a century: Enter the computer and with it, Crime - high technology- assisted crime. The computer is the 21st-century equivalent of last century's car. The problems of the internet crime and the necessity for computer related laws. About fifty computers at Stanford Universityand also computers at the University of California at Santa Barbara, were amongst the zombie computers sending pings in DDoS attacks.

Combating Cyber Crime Yet, for all its advantages, increased connectivity brings increased risk of theft, fraud, and abuse. As Americans become more reliant on modern technology, we also become more vulnerable to cyberattacks such as corporate security breaches, spear phishing, and social media fraud.


Regardless of whether the computer system itself is the target of criminal activity or the computer system (or Internet) is used in furtherance of a crime, the fact that a computer is involved brings into play and creates a necessity and requirement for a qualified person to competently handle the computer-related and Internet issues.

The problems of the internet crime and the necessity for computer related laws
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