The issue of the police becoming militarized and the ethical and constitutional role of the police

The BDS call was made on the one-year anniversary of a historic advisory opinion by the international court of justice. If you are in the process of looking for a home or retreat we urge you to visit StrategicRelocation. Without your contributions to our struggle, including your donations, we could not have come this far.

Farmers would need to be licensed to operate their collectivized farms, spray weeds, care for cattle and drive their tractors under new Soviet-styled "health and safety" laws.

COINTELPRO News (2016 – 2018)

It takes real effort to keep reading, to resist the reassuring messages of the mass media and be prepared to consider the evidence again. Field dress was identical for enlisted men, non-commissioned officers, and officers, and was worn on the battlefield.

Self-defense myths and choices for civilians

Moreover, private contractors and local agencies — to say nothing of informal networks that include current and former enforcement and intelligence personnel — might be far less likely to be internally compromised by whistle-blowers. They believe that when a guy puts on a uniform, he or she becomes virtuous.

I recommend reading the entire article.

COINTELPRO News (2016 – 2018)

Forget about conventional wars, forget about spies, forget about intelligence agencies, forget about all of that. Specifically, the ACLU wants to know how the government views its constitutional obligations regarding a the use of evidence obtained through secret surveillance, and b notifying individuals whose communications have become the target of government surveillance.

German military chaplains who served the Wehrmacht were part of the German mainstream and lent the Nazi war effort legitimacy. This exposes the same plan that is being rolled out globally, not just in the United States.

He is a sentinel of the public interest, and his book is a public service.

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The former was designed to bring about the latter. The Google Maps street view of the address seems to confirm the unlikeliness of the area as a venue for radical pamphleteers.

They are people who believe the world stretches from California to Boston and everything outside is the bit they have to bomb to keep the price of oil down.

The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good also. As such, the harassment is illegal — even when done by the government. It is complete nonsense to describe the current misinterpretation of the Treaty as anything remotely like Magna Carta.

Missouri is mostly pro-Second Amendment in its gun laws, after many years of being restrictive as to both purchase and carry. The cosmetics chain Lush has resumed its poster campaign highlighting the misconduct of undercover police officers who infiltrated political groups.

The segment starting at The living embodiment of the Palestinian national movement, Yasser Arafat, was dead. Welcome to the Exeter Palestine Solidarity Campaign Website. To sign up to our Mailings please click here To visit our Facebook pages please click here Mailings to our supporters.

Points from the Recent History of Palestine

Dane Wigington How much longer can the majority of industrialized / militarized societies hide from reality? Not long. Foundations of power structures are fracturing from every direction, many critical issues are finally beginning to come to light.

GLOBAL KLEPTOCRACY Self-serving leaders throughout the world increasingly assume power with the goal of becoming rich at the expense of the majority of their population, and of the commonweal. I think that we can immediately agree that the revolver looks much more antiquated while the semi-auto has a decidedly modern look.

Though relatively modern, the revolver elicits images of cowboys at OK Corral while the semi-auto looks like the kind of firearm modern police and military forces would carry.

Moderation / Criticism / Exposition / Exposés David Aaronovitch. Catholics try, rather unconvincingly, to show how conferring sainthood is different in principle to the pagan apotheosis (the process that made Claudius, for instance, into a God), but the distinction doesn't quite wash.

“When you talked to people outside the [anti-Vietnam War] movement about what the FBI was doing, nobody wanted to believe it.” – Keith Forsyth, one of the activists who exposed the FBI’s.

The issue of the police becoming militarized and the ethical and constitutional role of the police
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