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However, she grew up in Bombay, where she studied in English medium schools. In response to this, the Three Language Formula of education was instated so that the educational load would be more fair. There is, therefore, no recognition of these small speech communities.

That the colorful linguistic spectrum of India can be positively viewed is reiterated in the news brief "Mutli-lingual ambiance can be a blessing" The Hindu on Indiaserver, Oct. It should be capable of serving as a medium of religious, economic, and political intercourse throughout India.

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The progress of the languages of the Dard group, namely, Shina, Kohistani and Kashmiri, cannot be monitored since census was not conducted in Jammu and Kashmir. Does it need direct government backing and promotion. The story of Hindi is equally interesting. As is generally known, the four southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are the home of the major Dravidian languages, viz.

Among the different families of languages spoken in India the Indo-European seems to be the last to arrive. Even so, it is more than just "a matter of psychological resentment, for while this elevation of one language to the status of official language endows great benefits and advantages on those whose mother tongue it is, it also places a discriminatory burden on others" Nayarp.

This has paved the way for their becoming bilingual. However, recent census data show a steep decline in the numerical strength of the Gondi speakers.

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One major language, Urdu, does not appear on the map. You have to accept it. However, it is important not to ignore the strong possibility that Sanskrit contains many borrowing from Dravidian languages. This single action of theirs opened the window of India to the rest of the world and introduced Indians to the Western ideas of national sovereignty, national self-respect and national pride, which were till then unknown to the people of India, who had been accustomed to lie low and crawl before the foreign invaders and do anything and everything at their bidding to win their pleasure and then fee.

Nonetheless, this is true of other Indian languages, most notably Tamil and Telugu. This person is from Bangalore and studied in English medium there. D3 "Whatever language you choose should be an imposition for everyone.

D3 "If Hindi was not labeled as a national language, what would happen. All of her schooling was in English medium in Bombay.

Some of my informants indicated that they did not see English as symbolic of the British Raj; rather, they felt it should enjoy continued use as an official language in India. Essay about communication depression research interests essay thesis examples. A developed form of this parent language is described by the linguists as Western Hindi Fig.

The official purposes of the State includes not only the legislative, administrative and higher services, but also the running of technical departments and services, university education and the like.

She also speaks Hindi and Marathi. Despite the overall failure of the government and the resultant multitude of problems it has created, the lack of a common language cannot be blamed.

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Of the remaining one-third, the two states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh shared together 15 per cent each. It should be the speech of the majority of the inhabitants of India. Internet essay writing kannada about school text message essay graduation persuasive essay about ocean pollution (advertising advantages essay short) what is freedom essay bullying christmas essay in kannada language british airways essay kolkata phone statistics research paper hypothesis statement.

Language Policy in India Essay. Words Feb 20th, 16 Pages. Show More. McGill Poli Final Paper A Game Theoretic Explanation of Indian Language Policy Outcome “India has been a crucible for the drama of language conflict” (Laitin, ). English Language in India Background of English Language in India.

Education in English Language was introduced by the British in India. English education was imparted in schools, colleges or universities.

Thus English became the medium of instruction in all stages. The Constitution of India recognizes twenty one ‘official’ regional languages and Hindi as the ‘national official’ language.

In addition, English is used as a ‘link’ language for. Exploring language policy in India is both a complex and interesting task. Contrary to other empires that went through state consolidation, it is clear that India is quite the linguistic mosaic (Laitin, ).

The language problem of India has become a serious one. It is perhaps the best way to leave the question of alingua franca for the whole country to the natural forces and pay undivided attention to other and more serious problems.

The regional languages will progress in their own right.

Language policy in india essay
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