Disinvestment policy

To meet this huge capital requirement, we need to raise additional resources to fulfill the obligation. Generally these are done via public offers i.

Fourthly, Take innovative disinvestment routes. There is no point in throwing good money after bad money. The recent divestment of assets implicated in funding the government of Sudanin acknowledgment of acts of terrorism and genocide perpetrated in the Darfur conflict.

After disinvestment employees of PSUs will loss their jobs If board of directors have many private sector experts- they may approve plans to reduce staff strength, to increase profitability. Prompted by the State of Illinois - the first government in the U.

Northern Ireland[ edit ] There was also a less well-publicized movement to apply the strategy of disinvestment to Northern Irelandas some prominent Irish-American politicians sought to have state and local governments sell their stock in companies doing business in that part of the United Kingdom.

Thirdly, the revenue raised by disinvestment has helped in reducing fiscal deficit, to finance selected social sector schemes and to meet the capital investment requirements of profitable and revivable CPSEs.

What are the salient features of the current disinvestment policy.

Disinvestment Policy in India.

The budget envisaged realizing Rs. Again, like in the case of minority disinvestment, the stake can also be offloaded by way of an Offer for Sale, separately or in conjunction with a sale to a strategic partner.

The present government has made a policy statement that all disinvestments would only be minority disinvestments via Public Offers. It recommended disinvestment modalities on 58 PSEs.

Such Government controlled units cannot compete in free market economy due to political interference and price control mechanisms.

Financial institutions and mutual funds were offered the opportunity to bid for the bundles. As per the latest policy, disinvestment now covers two types: Commoditization and Segmentation Within the target market for commoditized goods, a company may identify product segments delivering higher profitability than others, while expenditures, resources and infrastructure required for manufacturing remain the same for both products.

The UF Government had provided for the setting up of a Disinvestment Commission and referred several companies to it. Firstly, it is likely to help in improving the functioning of PSUs by bringing better management practices and corporate governance from private sector.

A second and, perhaps, more valid criticism is that the valuation of shares is affected by the decision not to reduce government holdings to less than 51 per cent. Directly selling shares on stock exchange Requires more clearances. But, after disinvestment, the market price and issue price of the company shares start converging.

Sudan[ edit ] During the late s and early s several Christian groups in North America campaigned for disinvestment from Sudan because of the Muslim-dominated government's long conflict with the breakaway, mostly Christian region of Southern Sudan.

Disinvestment targets were set under each budget.


Again, like in the case of minority disinvestment, the stake can also be offloaded by way of an Offer for Sale, separately or in conjunction with a sale to a strategic partner. Disinvestment Policy The policy on disinvestment has evolved considerably through President’s address to Joint Sessions of Parliament and statement of the Finance Minister’s in their Budget Speeches.

Disinvestment is the action of an organization or government selling or liquidating an asset or subsidiary. Jan 30,  · Disinvestment is the removal of capital stock from an economy or an enterprise, public or private.

There are many reasons for disinvestment: An economy is restructuring, say, from manufacturing to more service-oriented sectors. Key words: Disinvestment, Government Policy, Management, Privatisation, Public Sector. I. Introduction After independence when economic planning was introduced India adopted the mixed economic.

The Disinvestment Program in India. Disinvestment of the Shares/Equity of Public Sector Enterprises. The government of India has decided to withdraw from the Industrial sector, and in accordance with this decision, it decided to privatize the Public sector enterprises in a gradual and phased manner.

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Disinvestment policy
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